Tux 2

The sequel to Roxor's original Tux Racer Arcade, Tux 2 is a fun arcade redemption game designed for children of all ages. In Tux 2 players race as either Tux, the popular Linux © Mascot, or one of his three friends, Trixi, a female penguin, Boris the Bear, or Sammy the Seal through four thrilling downhill courses, collecting candy and performing tricks along the way to earn points and prizes. It is available as a childrenís video redemption game.

Tux 2 Features

  • Gameplay is fun and easy to learn!
  • Content is suitable for children of all ages
  • Four racing courses
  • Cute and realistic graphics
  • Terrain features include a candy wonderland, snow, icy roads, falling leaves, rocks, and Arctic Ice.
  • Realistic physics make gameplay easy to learn, difficult to master
  • Lively and up-beat music attracts and keeps kidsí attention
  • Hilarious sound effects
  • Colorful, bright buttons for younger players
  • Bright lights blink and flash at passers-by

Tux 2 Cabinet

  • High resolution monitor
  • Digital sound and audio system
  • Oversized, rubber grip steering wheel, designed for small hands
  • Digital I/O Board triggers lights and sound effects
  • High quality silkscreened cabinet artwork
  • Tickets are awarded based on the pieces of candy collected
  • Operator adjustable payout, challenge level, volume, and attract sound

Screen Shots